The Academy

The goal of the Academy is to offer information and insight into the health care delivery systems and diagnostic and treatment methods of medical and dental professionals overseas and compare them to U.S. and Canadian systems. The Academy stays informed by visiting all types of medical institutions in diverse cultural settings and by maintaining an ongoing dialogue with fellow colleagues in foreign lands. As a result, the Academy provides an educational experience that can only take place in the particular destination, an integral part of the location's culture.

The Academy Icons


The Academic Program

Upon registration, each participant in the academic program will receive an AIMS paper detailing the health and medical issues of the particular destination and other pertinent information. An all-inclusive professional registration fee of $300 is charged and billed separately to each participant to cover the costs of all professional activities, including transportation to and from meetings, honoraria for local hosts, meeting rooms, equipment, administrative fees and any other academic resources needed.

Book & deposit 90 Days prior to departure, CME fee is reduced to $150.

Professional Visits

Professional visits will take place at medical schools, hospitals, clinics or other health facilities in urban or rural areas. Participants will have the opportunity to observe patients and professional staff at work with the socio-economic climate as the backdrop to understanding. Where possible, indigenous healing techniques and practices will be explored.

Lecture and Group Discussions

The focus of group discussions will be the health priorities in the particular country, vital health concerns that are certain to relate to all professionals, regardless of individual practices and specialties. Colleagues from foreign universities and host medical associations will take part in the discussions, comparing current health care problems and advances of the host country to those of North America.

Certificate of Attendance

Participants' attendance will be monitored during the educational component through sign in lists and the completion of questionnaires and a summary report. An appropriate Certificate of Attendance will be issued after the program has been completed.

Tax Deductibility

The issue of tax deductibility for educational and professional study abroad is a complex question and cannot be answered the same way for each tour and each participant. It should be addressed by the participant's own professional tax advisor, whose advice we urge you to seek. Current United States tax law does not limit the number of trips one may take or the cost involved. Rather, the test of "reasonableness" applies. The taxpayer must establish that the meeting or professional visit is related to his or her trade or business and that it is "reasonable" for the meeting or visit to take place outside North America. Key factors that your tax consultant must take into account are the purpose of the meeting and activities taking place, and the purpose and activities of the sponsoring organization. Since AIMS has been involved in sponsoring medical tours for many years, we suggest that participants inform their tax advisors that the medical aspects of our tours focus on the health issues of the host countries and can only take place overseas. The tours are based on a concept similar to "people to people" programs. Additionally, participants travel as members of AIMS, an organization exclusively composed of health professionals worldwide.